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We all need a place to relax , so why not do it with a drink in your hand? Our cocktail program is diverse with original market-fresh drinks as well as a comprehensive beer, wine, and spirit list to satisfy whatever your preference may be!



Good bites go hand in hand with whatever your drink of choice may be. We have some exciting new developments on the way-so stay tuned!



We're all about good vibes and good times. Bring your friends and we'll help to create the memories!

Our Story

Tied House is a new bar concept in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward founded by husband and wife team Adam and Melissa Weber. 

Melissa grew up in the Milwaukee area sharing time in both Mequon with her Dad and on the East Side of Milwaukee with her Mom.  Her personal history with Tied House’s building located at 124 North Water comes full circle as it was once the home of the beloved M&M Club-the very first bar Melissa’s Mom took her to at the age of 16 where she sang Karaoke. 

To Melissa; the M&M club was an incredibly loving and inclusive place where everyone felt welcome and safe. Guests were treated like family and that is why she visited often, traveled with the staff and regular patrons, and thinks back so fondly on those times. It is the template for what she and Adam strive for in hospitality.

When Adam and Melissa came to look at the building, she had not put two and two together- that this was once her favorite bar in Milwaukee (her M's). However, she could barely contain herself at the discovery. To think that they had the potential of owning this cherished place filled with such warm memories was unbelievable.  When it came down to Adam’s feelings, the decision was solidified as he immediately fell in love with the historic building and the idea of establishing roots in Melissa's hometown.  

For Adam, Milwaukee has always felt like home. He and Melissa were married at the Basilica of St. Josaphat and the historic Pfister Hotel. Over the years, they spent many holidays and weekends in town with Melissa's family. Adam's passion for hospitality has been the culmination of a 25-year career in the industry all over the country. With humble beginnings as a bar back in college at Iowa City, he knew that he had found his calling as he quickly learned the skills to bartend. It was there that he fell in love with the business and quickly migrated to L.A. to continue his work in some of the most prestigious venues in that area. 

After a six-year stint on the West Coast, Adam moved back home to Chicago to pursue continued education in spirits. His passion and pursuit of continued education has brought him to countries all over the world to study history, harvest, and distillation. In 2012, he opened his first business with partners in Wicker Park, Chicago designing an award-winning bar program. A year later he opened his second location in the West Loop of Chicago. He remains a partner in both locations today. 

Adam and Melissa couldn’t be happier when they moved to Milwaukee in December 2017. They were home and, in a place, where they could really focus on their mission-to positively impact the lives of their staff, patrons, and community. 

Unfortunately, their intent to do this in an existing business fell short after just three weeks of operations when unexpected building issues surfaced in January 2018 that were too hazardous to ignore. They were forced to temporarily shut down until conditions could be fixed. 

During this time, Adam and Melissa regrouped and considered what this industry meant to them. It was from here, that Tied House was born. Giving respect to the history and spirit of building, they thought why not go back to the beginning? In 1904, the building existed as a Pabst brewery Tied house meaning that it was “tied” to the Pabst brewery and it was one of few locations where the Pabst product could be shared. 

For Adam and Melissa; family, friends, and community are most important. Having those “ties” gives value in everything they do. The Weber’s feel that these genuine interactions are what gives Tied House it’s true meaning-to be tied to the tenets of hospitality. 

If you visit Tied House, you will find an inclusive space to have fun, grab a drink, a good bite, and share a story or two with Melissa and Adam.  The distinctive “all seasons” patio, newly-renovated bar, and private event space upstairs lends itself to the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. With an innovative cocktail program, you may step outside of the box to try something new, but don’t be fooled there are plenty of PBR’s as well. Tied House has something for everyone and everyone is welcome! 


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